Eaton virtual race of autonomous cars


Hello young programmer! In the next three days you will solve one of the greatest challenges of the 21st centurydriving of the autonomous cars!

Your mission will be to write an algorithm, which will navigate a car from start to the finish line.

We will start with a simple tasks and continue with a more complex ones.


The whole competition is split into 2 main parts:

1.       Preparation during Friday March 19th:


Your task is to download a prepared package from Github (, install what is needed and try to drive the car using your keyboard.

If you need help or advice we will support you, just contact us via

2.       The next tasks will be the the real challenge and you will can receive points for completing them. For completing each of the 5 tasks you can earn up to 20 points. There will be 2 types of tasks and you will have entire Saturday, Sunday and Monday (March 20th, 21st and 22nd) to complete them:


The first task will be an introductionyou will not drive the car via keyboard anymore, but you will need to write a simple program / algorithm.


The remaining four tasks will use data from a radar and the car will know how far it is from the surrounding walls and objects and using these information it will get through the map.


The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

-          Arrival to the finish lines

-          Time of the ride

-          Distance between start and finish line

-          Genericity of the algorithm for a various tracks / maps (apart from 1st task)

-          Structure and quality of the source code (apart from 1st task)


You will find your next steps on the following page:


DDMP6 and Eaton wish you good luck!